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It’s our favorite time of year: Teacher Appreciation Week of 2017 has officially begun!It is so important to let teachers know how important they are and the impact they make not only on the lives of their current students, but when students carry those lessons into college and adulthood.

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When I talk to you, I feel I am talking with my best friend.

Although I make many mistakes,you try to teach me the right ways. You let me know myself, who I am and what I can do.

Most of the times, I would just write anything that came up in my mind. He understood why my behavior was like that, and why I was such a quiet girl.

But this time, I decided to write about my real-life problems and troubles. He looked at me, and hugged me without saying a word.

Every time I was admitted to the hospital, my kindergarten teacher would make sure she would come and visit me and bring me a stuffed animal.

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Even after I had moved into middle school she never failed to come check on me.” – aimeef4ecdabc50 “When I was little, I had a really hard time learning how to read.

To honor how teachers change the lives of students, both educationally and emotionally, some grateful people submitted memories of how a teacher helped them through a rough day or a rough year.

“When I was in elementary school, I was very sick – in and out of the hospital every few months and I was in for about a week at a time.

A teacher is someone who understands us,loves us, inspires us, guides usand takes care of us. You are the smartest, strongestmost skillful teacher ever.

Teachers understand our feelings,and help us when we have problems. They treat all of us equally,love us equally, like their own children. You look prettiest when you smile,like a beautiful princess,and when you talk to us, you always smile!


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