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Unfortunately, there are too many negative consequences when a child is growing up too fast.

One of the most serious is unexpected teen pregnancy. They try on their mothers’ shoes and dresses, rouge and stare at the respectable men.

They will have to control everything, from food and taking vitamins to doctor visits.

Young mother needs a lot of support from her parents and relatives, heart-to-heart talks, joint trips and gatherings.

At the beginning of the XXI century, through joint efforts of psychologists, doctors and teachers, the number of teenage pregnancies was reduced.

In the US, 30 out of 1,000 girls give birth before they turn 18.The psychological effects of early abortion, especially against the wishes of young mothers, last for a lifetime.However, if a young mother got pregnant as a result of incest or being raped, continuation of the pregnancy can lead to serious mental illness or suicide.Artificial birth at later stages is extremely dangerous for the health and psyche.It is sad, but the pregnancy of a teenage girl is the responsibility of her parents.Young mothers at high risk of miscarriage, toxemia, maternal and infant mortality – among girls younger than 15 years, the probability of dying during pregnancy or childbirth is twice higher than in adults.Anemia, inadequate weight gain, premature birth, low weight, hypoxia and birth trauma are the less dangerous complications.Special attention should be paid to the opinion of a young mother, forcing her to give birth or abort the pregnancy may cause a lot of psychological traumas.Abortion should be done as early as possible in the best medical institution, that the family can afford.Young girls are more fertile than older women, their reproductive system is not damaged, conception occurs rapidly, sometimes the egg is released before the first menstrual period.A 17-18 year-old mother, whose menarche began at the age of 10, and the conception occurred during the first months of sexual activity, will most likely give birth to a healthy and strong baby.


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