Telerik Report Book Document Map

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To make sure borders will be displayed consistently in a PDF viewer use a single color (e.g. The PDF rendering extension embeds fonts by default.

This functionality is controlled by the Font Embedding device information setting.

PDF and Image Export Formats share the same high-level layout engine.

Therefore all rules and design considerations that apply for the Image Rendering Extension apply for PDF as well.

Report item's solid type borders will be rendered with miter joints when two adjacent border segments have different color, or their color is transparent.

Borders with miter joints will be anti-aliased in some PDF viewers.If there are Unicode Glyphs missing on the server, you may see characters replaced with a question mark and if there is a font missing on the client, you may see characters replaced with boxes.When designing a report that would be exported to PDF, you should make sure that the font you use in the report supports the characters that would be displayed.The PDF rendering extension supports three versions of the standard – PDF/A-1b (2005), PDF/A-2b (2011), PDF/A-3b (2013).The compliance level is defined with the rendering extension device info.For more information see: PDF Device Information Settings. The passwords are defined with the rendering extension device info.The PDF rendering extension allows password protection with document content encryption. For more information see: PDF Device Information Settings.The PDF rendering extension is based on the Image rendering extension, with some differences.For information common to the Image rendering extension and the PDF rendering extension, see Design Considerations for Image Rendering.The PDF rendering extension supports Document Map interactive feature which is rendered as PDF Bookmarks.You can use the Bookmarks by opening the Bookmarks pane in Acrobat Reader to navigate inside the report.


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