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Joseph Physician Assistant Studies Program, CT Westfield State University Physician Assistant Studies Program, MA “Before attending Elms College I wasn’t accepted to any programs.

Undergraduate School: Virginia Commonwealth University Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine Website Link: https:// 8 years Undergraduate School: Villanova University Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine Website Link: https://www1.villanova.edu/villanova/artsci/undergrad/resources/health/affiliates/Length: 7 years Undergraduate School: Temple University Medical School: Temple University School of Medicine Website Link: 8 years, possibly 7 years (see website for more info) Undergraduate School: The University of Texas at Dallas Medical School: The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas Website Link: Length: 7 years Undergraduate School: Saint Louis University Medical School: Saint Louis University School of Medicine Website Link: Length: 6 years (medical school admission not guaranteed) Undergraduate School: University of Pittsburgh Medical School: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Website Link: 8 years Undergraduate School: Boston University Medical School: School of Medicine of Boston University Website Link: Length: 7 years Program Overview: Boston University’s 7-year combined medical program stands out from those offered by other institutions in that it stresses a comprehensive, liberal education, awarding a bachelor of arts rather than a bachelor of science.

She graduated from a master’s degree program in May 2017.

After being accepted to eight pharmacy schools, Chanaé decided to attend Howard University because the scholarship she earned nearly covered her entire tuition.

Therefore, the program requires students to be heavily involved in both bench and clinical research starting from the undergraduate years.

While translational medicine is a huge focus of the program, students also take their share of liberal arts classes (the curriculum consists of 70 percent premedical courses and 30 percent liberal arts courses).


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