Three Levels Of Business Planning

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They do so by managing their portfolio of businesses, ensuring that the businesses are successful over the long-term, developing business units, and sometimes ensuring that each business is compatible with others in the portfolio.

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Time and time again, organizations we work with get hung up on what the essence of what strategy really is.

To lay the ground work on creating a good strategy, it is important to understand what it is first and foremost.

Your strategies are the general methods you intend to use to reach your vision.

No matter what the level, a strategy answers the question “how.” Your intended outcome is to have the general, umbrella methods you intend to use to reach your vision established.

Igor Ansoff introduced the concept of synergy to corporate strategy.

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· Management Practices – corporations decide how business units are to be governed: through direct corporate intervention (centralization)or through more or less autonomous government (decentralization) that relies on persuasion and rewards Corporations are responsible for creating value through their businesses.

It is an essential level since it is to a great extent affected by investors in the business and acts to guide strategic decisions across the enterprise. Business Unit Level Strategy It is responsible for how a business competes successfully and beating rivals in its particular market.

At this level competitive strategy is usually formulated.

There are six total “strategy” questions all good leaders must answer.

He writes, “Competitive strategy is about being different.


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