Triarama Book Report Directions

Cut these out, leaving a quarter-inch tab at the bottom.Fold the tab under and glue it to the floor of the box.

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Once you have made the triorama you can then go ahead and put your diorama scene inside it. The larger the square the larger your triarama will be. Some Ideas: If you are making yours as a school assignment then you probably already have a subject to put in your triarama.

Cut it with a pair of scissors from one corner to the center. Now you can fill it with various things to make your scene.

Draw the scenery for the story on the background using pencils or markers to create a landscape if the book or scene takes place outside or draw an interior.

For example, if the student is creating an outdoor setting, she can draw a horizon line hallway up from the bottom of the box, separating the sky and mountains below. The bottom may include waterways, grass or rocks if the setting is outdoors, or a rug, a wooden floor or tiling if it's inside. Draw characters from the story or scenery onto card stock paper.

I've even had to dash out and buy shoes just so I had a shoebox (I'm now an experienced mom and have a stash of them on hand *laugh*) This section provides a few examples of dioramas we've made including material lists and instructions, some "parental involvement" guidelines and some handouts teachers can print out for various projects.

It is simply a diorama made from a single square of paper, cardboard or posterboard. Think of it as kind of like the shoebox of a shoebox diorama. Here is how you make it Start with a square of poster board or paper. Now just grab one of those flaps and slide it all the way over the other flap. I wasn't sure what I would put in mine so I ended up making a triarama of me making a triarama!

This is a unique little ocean diorama shaped like the porthole of a submarine and made out of a cookie tin. Imagine looking out the porthole of your submarine and discovering Atlantis! Ocean Diorama Do you like making projects and exploring a variety of hobbies? I give you regular updates on hobbies and projects you can make.

I have full instructions and artwork for you to print and make. it is totally free and I don't share your email with anybody.

A diorama can help students think about and better understand literacy concepts such as character and setting, while developing creativity and building spatial awareness skills. The student can model a specific scene or go with a general overview of the book.

For example, he can construct his favorite scene from the "Harry Potter" series or go with the general interior of Hogwarts.


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