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The pursuit of ‘peach’ then, acts as a pursuit of sex – an act of creating life, in direct antithesis of death.In this way, one’s fear of mortality is highlighted when we are induced by Eliot to feel a sense of urgency for life’s ephemeral nature.

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As a result, I am able to grasp the resonating impact of Eliot’s powerful allusion, which captures the temporary respite of man’s penultimate death.

The vision of the “white horse [galloping] away,” fills me with a sense of immediacy and relief, knowing that the birth of Christ has averted the Apocalypse.

Harding, Allen Tate, Ezra Pound, William Empson, John Peter, Denis Donoghue, and Donald Davie--all dealing with the biography and literary work of T. Topics covered include Eliot's early London environment, his "irregular metaphysics," Lewis Carroll and T. Eliot as nonsense poets, Eliot and Tennyson, "The Waste Land," Eliot's style, his merit, his later poetry, and "T. Eliot: The End of an Era." A chronology of important dates in Eliot's life, a brief set of biographical notes on the contributors to this collection, and a bibliography of works on Eliot complete the volume.

Designed for use by both literary critics and secondary and college teachers of English, this work would also be of value to undergraduate and graduate students of literature.

The vision of a death filled ‘valley,’ alerts me to the contextual representation of the loss of faith in humanity The break between Birth/ Death captures a sudden suspension of the familiar.

For the Magi, he must acknowledge that ‘birth’ and ‘death’ of Christ is the beginning point of a Christian world, juxtaposed against the darkness of the ancient world.

Textual integrity is evident as Eliot’s poetry indirectly presents to us a sense of isolation and hopelessness through his sensual collage of sound, scent and sight that inspire readers to seek out their own interpretations. S Eliot’s prescribed poems, we as responders are able to hear a single voice – Eliot’s inner soul, resonating with us.

His poetry endures precisely because of the impersonal way he has constructed the personal within us.

S Eliot endures because it engages us with a single, resonant voice.” What is your personal response to the prescribed text in light of the above statement and listening stimulus provided on Enable?

Your response should focus on 3-4 poems set for the study. S Eliot’s collection of work, I did not understand Eliot’s intent or purpose.


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