Two Kinds Thesis

They watch the movies of Shirley Temple over and over again hoping that Jing- Mei will get some valuable lessons from her.The lessons Suyuan takes Jing-Mei through are so rigorous that she finds herself falling short of her mothers expectations.

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Conflicts, or problems, occur in almost every book or story.

There are two different kinds of conflicts, internal, which are inside the body like feelings, and external, which are outside the body.

As it is proven Jing-mei and her mother have both internal and external conflicts.

Jing-mei and her mother, although have lots of problems, they work it out in the end.

The parents come to America with unrealistic dreams for their children and spend their hard earned money on trying to force them into various activities.

After watching Ed Sullivan show on TV, Suyuan decides that Jing-Mei must become a famous pianist.It also shows that her mother knows she could do anything if she put her mind to it.In addition, her mother forces Jing-mei to sit down and play the piano.She gets her into piano lessons and even buys her a second hand piano.However, Jing-Mei is no longer interested in becoming what she is not.In the story Two Kinds, Jing-Meis mother believes that children in America can achieve anything they desire.Suyuan had a difficult time in China where she lost her husband and children.For example, her mother gets her a piano so she could learn to play and become famous like the kid on television.This shows that her mother really wants her to become something of herself.In the short story "Two Kinds," by Amy Tan,there are both internal and external conflicts between Jing-mei and her mother throughout the story.Jing-mei and her mother have some very good examples of internal conflicts.


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