Uses & Misuses Of Internet Essay

Uses & Misuses Of Internet Essay-31
According to Fortune3 magazine, employees put their companies at risk by viewing sexually explicit material while on the job.This risk manifests itself in the form of lawsuits and sexual harassment claims brought on by offended co-workers and is the reason many employees can get fired for this behavior.

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Fortune2 magazine explains that employees misuse time by exploiting company high speed Internet access for chatting online and downloading MP3 files.

Unfortunately this problem goes beyond just misused time.

The RAND CORPORATION built the first nodes of the Internet36 years ago, and Thisis going to be a debate for the future, one that could determine if the Internet has a future.

While just like everything has its advantages andflaws the same way Internet has created advantages & problems for theusers.

There is a present population of about 40 million usersworld wide, and it seems to have a very promising future.

The Internetis uncensored and almost impossible to monitor, it is a breeding groundfor all sorts of offensive and derogatory information.

On the other hand,it is probably the biggest single source of data in the world broughthome into your personal computer.

Will this form of communicationsurvive in the future, or will it simply die out as many others have in thepast?

The positive affects the Internet merit, also leave room for the Internet’s negative affects as well.

Access to the Internet from an employee’s computer The consumer loses money because companies will be forced to compensate themselves from lost revenue with increased prices. The Internet abuse problem takes on many shapes and forms.


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