Utilitarianism Research Paper

I will begin my paper by defining the ethical theory of utilitarianism, preference and hedonistic utilitarianism, lay out the innocent bystander objection and provide support....

[tags: utilitarianism, baystander objection] - It’s only second nature to ask oneself, “What is the right thing to do?

Like other forms of consequentialism, its core idea is that whether actions are morally right or wrong depends on their effects.

More specially, the only effects of actions that are relevant are the good and bad results that they produce.

I will attest that classical utilitarianism is the most logical moral theory for the sake of the greater good being the only intrinsically valuable thing because it supplies us with the most opportunities to improve welfare.

Classical utilitarianism belongs to the family of moral theories called consequentialism....

There are many types of moral theories to choose from, but we will only focus on two: utilitarianism and ancient hedonism.

These theories meet in their pursuit of something greater, for hedonism it’s personal pleasure while for utilitarianism it is happiness for the greater number of people.

That beacon of happiness is sought and hunted by all as the ultimate goal.

In this essay, I will outline the theory of utilitarianism along with a very compelling objection to it, called the ‘innocent bystander’ objection.


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