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Casting a sphere of protection over your province, this spell helps protect your province from invasion from others. Duration: max 24 hours Cast Message: Our realm is now under a sphere of protection for X days.

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The higher your WPA compared to an enemy, the better your success.

However, there is always a great deal of chance in every spell.

Your Wizards will not cast spells without at least a 10% Mana Rating. Failed attempts can result in explosions and kill a small portion of your wizards as well as taking 50% more mana per spell.

To cast a spell, you must have Guilds, wizards and mystic Runes.

Unlike your fabled land of Earth, the citizens of Utopia truly believe in and have witnessed the powers of magic.

From the deadly plagues to the amazingly fertile land, so much has happened on this planet that cannot be explained away by science or nature.

Be careful not to hold too many Wizards or you may be sacrificing your peasantry, thieves, or military.

At any time, you can release Wizards back into the peasantry or simply shut down additional training.

Furthermore, the duration of all spells is greatly impacted by your Guild percentage.

For support spells, the formula used to calculate success rate is adjusted to make casting self spells on your allies easier.


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