Vampires An Uneasy Essay On The Undead In Film

Vampires An Uneasy Essay On The Undead In Film-19
For a start, the book is about my good old friend Giovanni Scognamillo, who happens to be the world's greatest expert on Turkish cinema as well as an expert on vampirism.And last, but not least, the book has been written by another friend of mine, Aylin Ünal, who is an extremely talented young woman.

Allen Eyles, Robert Adkinson & Nicholas Fry : "The House of Horror - The Complete Story of Hammer Films" [1973] Lorrimer Publishing, London, UK, 1984 - pp.144 ISBN: 0 930621 01 8 I don't mind admitting that I much prefer those silly old Hammer films to most of the expensive mega productions of today.

Jean-Philippe Guerand : "La Nuit des Morts Vivants - Apparitions et histoires de Revenants au Cinma" in: "La Mort et l'Immortalit - Encyclopdie des Savoirs et des Croyances" Bayard, Paris, France, 2004 - pp.1686 ISBN 2 7028 9909 9 Leslie Halliwell : "The Dead that Walk" [1986] Grafton Books, London, UK, 1986 - pp.262 ISBN: 4 8Book on horror films which features it's own chapter on Dracula.

Having said that, I will be the first to admit that it can be quite entertaining to watch a good vampire film.

And thanks to video and DVD it has become possible to watch an evergrowing number of classic vampire films at home.

But this is true of Nietzsche’s writings, too, and it is with Nietzsche that I can most readily compare Jalal Toufic.

Like Nietzsche, Toufic is a writer of philosophical aphorisms, manifestations of the intensest of experiences under pressure of incomparable intelligence.

This, Jalal Toufic’s fifth book, can be read as a single aphorism, an aphorism composed of aphorisms.

And though it is the shortest of his books to date, it is perhaps also the greatest….

Each section first examines the roots of the subject at hand and then moves on to a chronological study of the way it has been treated in cinema.

Sadly, my knowledge of the Turkish language is minimal indeed.


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