Variety Is Spice Of Life Essay

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Spices are these little things mostly seed, fruit, root, bark which are used in nutritionally insignificant quantities to pep up ones food. Spices also serve as a preservative by killing or preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.

The phrase,” Variety is the spice of life” was probably coined to express how variety if added in our lives could have the affect of a spice and enhance our everyday existence.

Thus, it becomes evident(it becomes clear) that variety makes the life interesting and worth living.dear, there were several flaws.i have pursued the piece of writing.apart from highlighted mistakes,there were many other violation of rules in the expansion. sir i don't have net facility therefore i could not check ur expansion so often.

-sir u can sms me ur expansions at my number 03*********. t.c panday Dear Kamran, your critical analysis of my previous expansion helped me alot, so will this. We are muslims, but by no standards does it mean that we are a great civilisation.

Aid sometimes just likes a preservative it can cure depression, and alleviate boredom. Variety is the spice of life means that life could be made more interesting my making some significant changes. Besides, it serves to break the monotony of our lives – one of the reasons for depression these days.

The message conveyed by this phrase if taken seriously could change the course of our lives. If one is used to having lentil and rice everyday for lunch for a change a biryani is very welcome.

This phrase comes from William Cowper’s poem “The Task” (1785): “Variety is the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavour.” It became so well known that numerous writers punned on it: for example, “Variety is the spice of love” (Helen Rowland, Sayings of Mrs.

Solomon, 1913), and “Variety is the vice of wives” (Phyllis Mc Ginley, Much Ado about Nothing, 1940).

Growth and development of human culture and society would have been impossible. You should've explained it in somewhat greater detail because it ends too early. Consequently, they developed more sophisticated forms of electric bulbs today we(sir try to use third person as per rule.) have. I've never attended any grammar school, nor did anyone teach me.

There would have been no joy, no colour to life, had there been no variety in life. Further, it is because of variety that Will Durant,a passionate philosopher, preferred to be a philosopher, while John Keats loved composing poetry. I'm from a government school where teachers themselves hardly know what they are teaching.


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