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Additional important aspects of your application include: GPA, extracurriculars, essays, and letters of recommendation.It’s also worth noting that when deciding where to apply, it’s important to consider more than just how your test scores stack up.Step 3: Gather all of your supplemental essay topics.

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To stay organized, copy and paste all of the topics you'll be required to answer into a big spreadsheet so that you can see everything in one place and brainstorm topics. Below are a few awesome websites that compile all of these essays for you: Important note: Be sure to always double check prompts on third party sites with the school’s website or within the Common Application. All College Essays (~$10) - For the price of a Chipotle run, you’ll have all of your essays gathered for you with Dr. Prompt’s Essay Finder Tool (Free) - Click “Get Started” and create a free account, click the ‘Essays” section on the left, and add all of your colleges and it’ll pull together a list of college essays for you.

Main point: Be sure to dig around so you don’t miss any questions. Finally, we’ll will be compiling a big list of links for many of the colleges that have updated and released their supplemental essay prompts for the 2019 - 2020 school year. Note: Every school’s prompts will be finalized August 15th, so bookmark this page and check back often, or keep checking your Common App account.

The middle 50 percent of students admitted to Villanova generally score between 27 and 32 on the ACT math section, and between 29 and 34 in English. Typically, English and math are the only sections considered individually for estimating admissions chance.

The composite score, though, is an average of all four sections.

A great score on a standardized test doesn’t guarantee you’ll get in to any one college.

Likewise, a somewhat lower score doesn’t mean it’s not worth a shot to apply—after all, 25 percent of accepted students score below the middle 50 percent!Basically, this range tells you how the “middle” 50 percent of students who are accepted score.To make your application competitive, you’ll want your scores to fall in this range.For VU acceptees, the 25th-75th percentile range for SAT math was between 620 and 710. With the new SAT, the “combined” score is just the scores of the verbal and math sections added together.The middle 50 percent of students admitted to Villanova generally had combined scores between 12.Have a comment or know a school that has updated their prompts?Leave a comment with a link to the school’s website below!Step 2: Add every school you’ll be applying to into your Common App account.All prompts for all schools should be uploaded by August 15th.Given VU’s 25th-75th percentile ranges shown above, students accepted generally score higher than 90 to 96 percent of all students nationwide.However, it’s important to keep in mind that the admissions committee at Villanova is interested in more than just test scores.


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