Was Trudeau Justified War Measures Act Essay

Some 12,000 Japanese Canadians were sent by train to live in hastily constructed shacks and abandoned buildings in various parts of the BC interior: Greenwood, Sandon, Kaslo, New Denver, Rosebery, Slocan City, Bay Farm, Popoff, Lemon Creek, and Tashme.

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Inflation, slow economic growth, and high unemployment were all occurring simultaneously.

This led Pierre Trudeau to break a promise and introduce wage and price controls, further eroding his political credibility in advance of the 1976 Quebec provincial election.

Angered by the violation of her rights, in two letters dated 5 September 1946, Tsurukichi forcefully reminded government officials, “[w]e are not Japanese Nationals.” With outrage, she explained: I did not answer until now because your letter just made me mad enough not to answer . Such policies had dramatic consequences for all Japanese Canadians.

Property owned by Japanese Canadians was stolen, looted, destroyed, and neglected.

And slightly over 1,000 who had sufficient funds established so-called self-supporting camps where they essentially paid for the costs of their own internment. I do not believe the Japanese are an assimilable race.

Toward the war’s end, Japanese Canadians were forced to “choose” between a further uprooting to the unknown territory of Eastern Canada and exile to Japan, a country that many had never before visited. Such positions, as critics such as Tsurukichi Takemoto realized, were not merely the regrettable isolated actions of some Canadians who panicked at a time of war. What survived was sold without the consent of its owners.While they received some compensation for these sales, owners had no opportunity to challenge the (often highly unfavourable) terms of exchange and they lost the right not to sell.In the decades following these events, defenders of the policies have argued that they resulted from the pressures of war. In the first year of Canada’s war with Japan, many politicians and social commentators expressed genuine, though ill-informed, concerns that Japanese Canadians could threaten the security of Canada’s West Coast. would be saboteurs and would help Japan when the moment came.”I do not think that any question of nationality [that is, Canadian citizenship] should prevent our having the right to advocate . The reality is that Justin Trudeau won't care too much if a few British Columbians decide they've had enough of Canada.He might not even care if hundreds of environmental activists are carted off to jail for trying to protect the planet from another pipeline that he so eagerly supports.Now, the son, Justin Trudeau, is claiming that a pipeline from Alberta to Burnaby is in the national interest. This same dirty diluted bitumen and other fossil fuels are contributing to the types of extreme weather events that are routinely reported on the 350website. in his blood, believes it's in the national interest to turn the waters off the tourist meccas of Vancouver and Victoria along with the straits of Georgia and Juan de Fuca into major transit routes for dirty diluted bitumen.Informed that government agents had sold her family’s belongings for a fraction of their value, Tsurukichi became “mad enough not to answer.” Family heirlooms, including fine Japanese pottery, she informed officials, “are not what you think they are”: such belongings left in trust to Canadian officials had monetary value and emotional meaning that was all but discarded as they were auctioned to eager buyers while their legitimate owners remained interned.Another Japanese Canadian, whose home, 17.5 acres of land, and his personal belongings had been sold without his consent, wrote, “It does not seem just that as Canadians my family should be deprived of a home which to us meant more than just a home.


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