What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Friend Essay

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It can also be difficult to be someone's friend when he or she is going through a hard time (such as a death in the family) and a good friend doesn't know exactly what he or she should do. Fights, falling outs, and jealousy can all make a seemingly great friendship seem like it is over.Boys or girls can complicate the picture even more at times.Those that have common interests like sports or art can make the best of friends.

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Your health and well being is of uttermost importance to them.

You need someone to listen to you when you are having a bad day or you were reprimanded. They sympathize with the injustices of the world and celebrate your triumphs.

For teen girls, it can be great to have a friend to talk to about boys or do each other's makeup.

For teen boys, it can be exciting to have a friend come over to watch the big game or work on the car with.

If you make a bad decision or get a bad grade, they don't allow you to dwell on your shortcomings but push you to be better. You need friends that will support you in your positive endeavors and help you get through pitfalls.

For example, if your parents divorce, a good friend will help you to work through your emotions and hurt.

Friends can also provide fulfillment on a deeper level.

Connecting with another human on a personal level can make a person happier overall.

A good friend will be like that nagging angel on your shoulder.

They will tell you the truth even if it might hurt your feelings a little.


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