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Young students usually discover this strategy when they are learning their multiplication tables.They notice that 2 x 4 is the same as 4 x 2, and so on.A plumber has to connect a pipe from a storage tank at the corner, S, of the roof to a tap at the diagonally opposite corner, T, in the figure below.

Young students usually discover this strategy when they are learning their multiplication tables.

The two strategies listed above are just two problem-solving strategies students can use. In order for students to become great problem solvers, it is suggested that students keep a problem-solving notebook.

In this notebook students should keep important information that they can refer to, like the “Key words” mentioned earlier, as well as these tips: Which teaching strategies do you use to show your students how to problem solve?

The finding a pattern strategy is when students look for patterns in order to solve the problem.

Students would read the problem, then look for any numbers, items, or series of events that are repeated throughout that problem.

Three stamps are to be torn from a sheet of nine stamps as shown below.

The three stamps must be intact so that each stamp is joined to another stamp along at least one edge. You can use the free Mathway calculator and problem solver below to practice Algebra or other math topics.This is because sometimes they may think it is one thing, when it’s actually another.The best way for students to practice this is to give them some tricky problems that have too much information in them, and they have to weed out the bad information to find the real information. Draw a diagram/picture Solution Strategies Label Variables Verbal Model or Logical Reasoning Algebraic Model - Translate Verbal Model to Algebraic Model Solve and Check.Unlike exercises, there is never a simple recipe for solving a problem. ” That is where you need some tools in your toolbox, and some experience to draw upon.The following are some examples of problem solving strategies.Explore it//Act it/Try it (EAT) method (Basic) Explore it//Act it/Try it (EAT) method (Intermediate) Explore it//Act it/Try it (EAT) method (Advanced) Finding a Pattern (Basic) Finding a Pattern (Intermediate) Finding a Pattern (Advanced) In this lesson, we will look at some basic examples of the Explore it//Act it/Try it (EAT) method of problem solving strategy.The easiest way to teach students how to choose an operation is to teach them to identify key words.Consider writing this chart below on your front board and have students copy it into their problem solving notebooks.Students may write that they added two plus four because it said “ and ” so they thought that it meant to add. Then, they subtracted from because it said the word “How much” and “Left” and that is how they came to answer of .It is also important to encourage students to read the entire problem once through before they choose an operation.


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