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She tells the shop keeper she has dreamed of wearing it for months and been saving up.The shop keeper says that this is the last one in stock. " Oh thanks," says the woman, "I almost sat on that." An escaped lion leaps in from the side and mauls her.

She tells the shop keeper she has dreamed of wearing it for months and been saving up.

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As soon as you try and look directly at it and analyse it too much... Something is funny because it captures a moment, it contains an element of simple truth, it is something that we have always known for eternity and yet are hearing it now out loud for the first time.

I think that our need to feel intelligent comes into play a lot in finding things funny...

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We see the woman's gleeful face as she tries on her new lovely white coat. After five minutes of nothing he sticks his head down the hole to find the rabbit and dog playing cards. That same woman buys her white coat and approaches the wet black bench. A woman places a tin in her trolley and turns to fetch another.

We cut to a scene of a park keeper painting a bench black... he's painting the bench black by the zebra enclosure in a zoo. The comedy is in the anticipation and expectation as we build up to the inevitable moment where she sits on the wet black bench in her new white coat and ends up with black stripes across her back. While she is not looking, her trolley rolls away sideways.

Typical british 'saucy postcard humour': A vicar with an umbrella is having trouble with opening it and so he says to some woman in a tennis skirt "Can you help me get it up? " Stereotypes work because we immediately recognise the character and so we are familiar with what sort of person this is without too much information needing to be given. A character is discussing a plan but it is obvious to the audience that one glaring aspect of it is doomed to fail.

The problem is that they very quickly become old and repetitive and so you have to try and spot new stereotypes or add a twist to an old one to avoid the joke looking tired. This can either be due to information the audience has been told elsewhere or it can simply be that the character is overlooking something blatantly obvious.

We laugh a knowing laugh as we recognise the age old problem of shopping trolleys rolling sideways.

The original meaning of the word comedy was merely a dramatic play that was the opposite of tragedy.


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