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It’s a simple question, but the answer can be rather complicated.

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That kind of tone would be an example of being pessimistic. Being pessimistic means having a belief that something will never get better, even if the facts may seem to indicate otherwise. It speaks to the core fears that people have and forces them to confront those fears.

Now there may be 9 basic types of tone in writing, but that doesn’t mean a writer is limited to using just one tone as they compose something.

At the collegiate level, persuasive writing assignments are quite common.

The most common persuasive essay is the argument paper.

Common narration writings: personal essays, short stories, novels, poetry.

Description: writing that uses vivid language to describe a person, place, or event so that the reader can picture the topic clearly in his/her mind.

The goal of this content is to have an informal tone.

It’s conversational, but still conveys a certain sense of expertise within the subject material.

There’s a lot of bad stuff going on in the world today.

Yet there is also a belief that the world can and will be a better place one day if we’re willing to work for it. When there’s a lot of bad stuff going on in the world, it can feel like that bad stuff will only get worse.


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