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But it is the irony of human kind that the Andalusian people, so governed by religious dogmas, forget the preceding commandment, “thou shalt not commit murder.” Whether it be the Spanish society or any other, honour killing is prevalent universally among all cultures and faith.

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Personal safety of the women is more important than their spiritual or cerebral development.

The Mother prides herself in saying,” Life–that’s what they need more than anything else–life.” (Mother, page 19).

It is their nemesis since virginity is to be preserved in the name of familial honour.

The deflowered woman is nothing but damaged goods that stain her family honour by not suppressing her sexuality.

The attitude of proponents of such man made laws makes the reader question the authenticity of the gender roles assigned to men and women.

Contrary to the restrictions that women have to undergo, men are as free as birds to realize their pursuits.

The novel at large reflects the Andalusian society that is responsible for promoting blood vendetta and honor killings in the name of the societal norms and culture.

Lorca shows how the societal pressures cause conflicts between man and society, man and man, and man and god, wherein the society gets the upper hand, notwithstanding the fact that it was the individuals that created the society.

The parents have the ultimate authority of marrying their daughters into rich families, irrespective of the consent of the bride. In utter desperation the Bride wishes, she were a man so she could have more options in life. But it will be too late for the society to realize it as the society is prejudiced and biased firmly when it comes to women’s right to freedom and equality.

Lorca lashes upon the hypocrisy of the people when they want the brides to be virgins.


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