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The craziest thing of all, however, was that finishing the draft was totally anti-climactic. But more important, I finished without having experienced any kind of race-to-the-finish or writing up-to-the-deadline adrenaline rush.Sure, I felt accomplished, proud, and definitely relieved, but there was hardly the kind of euphoria or fanfare I had long imagined and anticipated. By the time I wrote the final sentences of my conclusion, working on my dissertation had become a deeply ingrained part of my weekly routine.

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Doing so, I implemented a set of strategies that could make the work of writing manageable, efficient, and even fun and rewarding without having to give up all of the other “life” (or academic) things I wanted or needed to do.

We are often lead to believe that writing a dissertation has to be an intense, round-the-clock endeavor.

Closing your email and putting away your phone are easy first steps.

The “Do Not Disturb” feature on i Phone has been a lifesaver, because it allows you to set a priority list for people whose calls you don’t want to miss (in case, like me, you’re prone to anxiety) while muting what can wait.

Questions about the guidelines, or interpretation of them, should be directed to the Office of Degree Requirements at (413) 545-0025.

Find your version of Word below to download the tutorial appropriate to your needs.

Common requirements across most research degrees include: Specific information relating to your programme can be found in the Ordinance version relevant to your year of admission.

The PGR Code of Practice Appendix 7 provides information on layout and formatting, in the relevant annex which can be accessed here.

I wrote a full draft of my humanities dissertation in a little more than a year.

It feels crazy to type that and maybe even crazier to read it, because it’s fast by most standards. For one thing, I knew that even if it was complete, the work itself was still very much a draft; a lot of revisions lay ahead.


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